Musical Kinetic Constructions | 2004 – 2005


Anestis Logothetis’s work initially inspired me to begin a number of projects. Later, I expanded my research to music and its history. Some basic influences throughout my research included the works of Alexander Skryabin, John Cage and Ioannis Xenakis.
My artwork deals with the association between sound and pictorial result, with the solitary purpose of their harmonious coexistence in a pure pictorial artwork. Sound transforms into noise, gliding modes and clatters; data that is considered musical “garbage” to the western tonal system. “Garbage” like the items I collect from recycling bins, junk shops and rubble to create my artwork symbolizes the concepts which I use as critique to our social system. These are means that help my artwork to articulate a caustic political standpoint.

Title: Prepared musical box, (2004)
Technique: kinetic construction
Dimensions: 33,5cm x 23cm x 17cm
Materials: Iron, wood, plexy glass, aluminium, screws
[Private Collection]

Kinetic sculpture: Prepared musical box (2004) from Dimitris Michalaros on Vimeo.


Title: Hintology, (2004)
Technique: kinetic construction
Dimensions: 150cm x 150cm x 30cm <>
Materials: Iron, wood, plexy glass, aluminium,
screws, motor, elastic asphalt, sheet metal, crate

Hintology (2005) from Dimitris Michalaros on Vimeo.


Title: Timbre circuit, (2005)
Technique: kinetic construction
Dimensions: 108,5cm x 222cm x 108,5 cm
Materials: Iron, wood, screws, chain of motorcycle, cogwheels of motorcycle, rim of car, glass, motor, plexy glass

tibre_circuits_left_side (2015_10_29 15_48_27 UTC)
tibre_circuits_back_side (2015_10_29 15_48_27 UTC)

Other sides of the artwork.

Kinetic sculpture: Timbre circuits (2005) from Dimitris Michalaros on Vimeo.

Drawing- score for the musical construction “Timbre circuits”


Title: Timbre novella, (2005)
Technique: kinetic construction
Dimensions: cm x 11çm x 75 cm
Materials: Iron, wood, screen of television, dvd player, cardboard, chain of motorcycle, cogwheels of motorcycle, screws, motor

Kinetic sculpture: Tmbre novela (2005) from Dimitris Michalaros on Vimeo.


Title: Self score No2, (2005)
Technique: construction
Dimensions: 130cm x 62cm x 30cm
Materials: Iron, wood, screws, paper, plastic reel, spade

Title: Out of tune carton, (2005)
Technique: construction
Dimensions: 50cm x 30cm x 10cm
Materials: carton, chain, wood, screws, paper, gear
[Private Collection]