Performance COLLISION (2005)

Performance Construction | 2005

Performance, “Collision” was realized through a collaboration with composer Mihalis Sapountzis, who wrote a piece for the piano, an automobile motor and the piano represent two conflicting forms. The automobile looms as a symbol of Capital and thecontemporary way of life,representing the majority of our social circle–a circle that is dominated by technocratic perception, establishing almost exclusively the consumption of material goods as the priority of life, aspiring to achieve social stature through financial viability. As a symbol, the automobile overtly embodies the automotive industry, which has a significant influence on the economic status of many countries and helps determine their prosperity over the whole world. The piano, on the other hand, as a minor figure compared to the car, accordingly represents the marginalized division of our society, the one whose main concerns revolve around knowledge and the need for expression; the one that refrains from pursuing an artificially decorated outer shell for its social profile, but instead invests in interiority, genuineness, depth. Art is the pursuit of meaning, truth, and depth, but art also greatly relies on Capital and, naturally, is familiar as a “romantic stance” against the contemporary material realities. This performance illustrates the vigorous resistance of contemporary art against certain elements in the art world which, for dubious reasons, want art to be ephemeral, decorative, modish and light. The title, “Collision”, as it relates to the artwork, leads the viewers to consider the constant oppositions of idealogies, systems of value, and economic interests of the world. These oppositions clash non-stop and everyday; neither do they lose intensity because of their daily conflict, nor does the Capitalist machine ever relent in drawing everything into the altar of power and money. The performance, “Collision”, not only dramatizes this conflict but also attempts to bring it to an allegorical climax. In this world we all share the same land and the same capacity for humanity; but things have been corrupted, and who is going to put an end to the noise and destruction of this uninterrupted machine which, despite how strong it is and how much it consumes, will always be thirsty for more power, suffocating the calm and taking the harmony out of life.

Performance participants:

Kostas Theodorou (actor)
Stefanos Ntinapogias (pianist)

25 (2015_10_29 15_48_27 UTC)

Title: Collision (2005)
Technique: Performance- kinetic construction
Dimensions: 600cm x 400m x 300 cm
Materials: Iron, piano, car, hoist
Frame from the Performance

Performance Collision (2005) from Dimitris Michalaros on Vimeo. Video: Haris Pallas

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Collision (2005)

Frames from the Performance

3D Studies on the performance special construction.