Title: Kinesynaesthetic organism  (2008)

Technique: kinetic construction- instalation  

Dimensions: 50cm x 53cm x 104cm  

Materials:Micro-camera, projector, monitor, speakers, subwoofer, microphones, amplifier, wires, carbon steel, wood

Kinesynesthetic organism (2008) from Dimitris Michalaros on Vimeo.

Kinesynesthetic_org_detail3 (2015_09_10 01_29_21 UTC)
Kinesynesthetic_organism_de (2015_10_29 15_48_27 UTC)
Kinesynesthetic_org_detail5 (2015_10_29 15_48_27 UTC)
Kinesynesthetic_org_detail4 (2015_10_29 15_48_27 UTC)

Details and drawing of kinesynaesthetic organism



Metaplasis, (2008)

kinetic construction

63.5cm x 61cm x 40.5cm

LCD screen. DVD player, speakers, cooper, neon light-tubes, mirrors, wires, wire caps, carbon steel, wood


Mute, (2008)

kinetic construction

33cm x 32cm x 14cm

neon light-tubes, mirrors, wires, carbon steel, galvanized steel, wire caps, tape, wood