Constructions | 2003 – 2005


“Urban Landscapes” is the first completed unit of my artwork. Each of my creations is a unique political critique on the current social status quo, and represents my personal political standpoint. It would be dangerous for me to put into words more than what my artwork clearly says by itself.
My pieces are defined by sharp contrasts and irony, which highlight a realistic landscape, in which people do not seem to comprehend due to the overflow of daily hectic lives, and overwhelming information.
Each one of my projects is a specific research on materials and techniques, which I found essential for artistic, semantic and structural persuasion.

Title: “Urban landscape, No1”, (2004)
Technique: Relief construction
Dimensions: 2 x 2 m
Materials: Digital print, sheet metal, rubbish, elastic asphalt, cement, acrylics, glide
[Private Collection]


Title: “Urban landscape, No2”, (2005)
Technique: Relief construction
Dimensions: 3 x 2 m
Materials: Digital print, polyester, wax, clothing, Plexiglas, canals of wire, sheet metal, cement, acrylics, oil paint, oil color, stickers, Venetian blind, elastic mastic, elastic asphalt, A.T.M. prints, plastic floor

View of the artwork “Urban landscape” in display and drawings.


Title: “Vicious circle” (2005)
Technique: construction
Dimensions: 4 x 4 m
Materials: Digital print, polyester, car, elastic asphalt, sheet metal, cement, ballast, earth, icons of saints

View of the artwork “Vicious Circle” in display

Drafts (miniatures) of Vicious circle