FABRICA* | On the wall and standing constructions | 2006

An excellent opportunity for me to continue my research while further exploring the themes of my art developed through a collaboration between the department of the School of Visual and Applied Arts, and the industrial union of Greece to make artwork inspired from the ABEZ industry. Among other things, my research covers the value that industrial materials hold when included in art, such as the correlation between the engineer and the artist, mechanical and electrical energy.
My research also involves the influence of capitalism to the status of societies, politics in common people’s lives, consumerism and overindulgence.
For four months I used storage space as a studio at the factory. I wanted to fit in with the factory’s employees; to be one of them, and to gain an insider’s perspective on the industry.
*The greek word “fabrica” translates and carries the same meaning as the english word “fabricate”: 1. invent or concoct (something), typically with deceitful intent. 2. construct or manufacture (something, esp. an industrial product).– Oxford American Dictionary

abez (2015_09_10 01_29_21 UTC)

Title: ABEZ, (2006)
Technique: Construction
Dimensions: 2,8m x 1m x 2m
Materials:Video projection in a screen, useless motors, wood-pallet, carton- boxes, tissue paper of spagetti packages, steel- construction, bulb- light, acrylic- glass
[Private collection]

abez_frame_1 (2015_09_10 01_29_21 UTC)

abez_frame_2 (2015_09_10 01_29_21 UTC)

abez_frame_5 (2015_10_29 15_48_27 UTC)
abez_frame_3 (2015_10_29 15_48_27 UTC)
abez_frame_4 (2015_09_10 01_29_21 UTC)

The video of the sculpture Fabrica (ABEZ) -Detail from Dimitris Michalaros on Vimeo.

View of different sides of the artwork and details.


abez_untitled_2 (2015_09_10 01_29_21 UTC)

Title: Untitled, (2006)
Technique: Construction
Dimensions:  –
Materials: wood-pallet, wood, plastic tubes, window screen, aluminum foil, print on  paper , steel
[Private collection]

abez_untitled_1 (2015_09_10 01_29_21 UTC)

Title: Attack, (2006)
Technique: Construction
Dimensions: 29.7cm x 21 cm
Materials:  wood, plastic fan, bearing, motor rotor, saw wheel, print on  paper , steel
[Private collection]